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Heating Services
Is it time to update your heating system? Has it been a while since you had your furnace or boiler serviced? Is your equipment is running at peak efficiency?

Our Heating Service Include the following:

Hot Water Boilers
Indirect Water Heaters
Radiant Floor Heating
High Efficiency Air Cleaners by Guardian (click link)
Forced Air Furnace
Furnace Clean and Check
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Furnaces should be professionally cleaned and checked on an annual basis to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Our clean and check includes:

a. Clean/change filters if necessary.
b. Clean orifices and burners.
c. Check for proper venting.
d. Check electrical connections and tightened if necessary.
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There are many reputable manufacturers of heating equipment. Our goal is to provide you, our valued customer, with equipment that represents the best value in its category and price range. Value is not only defined by initial price, but by overall quality, serviceability, and the commitment of the manufacturer to provide service parts and back its warranty.

Two manufacturers providing exceptional value are
Bryant and Lennox. Both offer a wide range of furnaces in terms of size and efficiency. Whether you are looking for the basic 80% AFUE replacement or a high tech multi-zone, multi-fire unit with a high efficiency motor, we will ensure you get the correct furnace for your home. As important as selecting the proper gear is hiring a contractor that is factory trained. Our technicians have this training so you can rest assured that your system will be trouble free for years to come.