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Our Customer Appreciation Letters

“We want to provide our customers with the best possible service while still maintaining affordable pricing.” Gary Keroack

We pride ourselves on treating our customers fairly and in return we receive quite a few thank you notes. Here are a few.
I just wanted to thank you for the great service this weekend. We had a leaking heater zone control valve, which your serviceman, Jeff came out and fixed on Saturday. When he left us, the system was working fine. Over Saturday night to Sunday morning, the system drain valve started leaking. I called Sunday morning and Jeff returned promptly and replaced the valve, only charging for the part. This is the third job that McAllister Plumbing has done for us. All have been done to our satisfaction in terms of service and cost. My wife and I appreciate the professionalism and respect we have received from your organization. At every step; call-in, repair, and follow-up; we have received more than satisfactory service from everyone involved. We were always treated with kindness and consideration. Thank you so much for being an example of the kind of values that are so often lost today.

Robert and Irene Stranz, Hamburg, NY
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